Prednisone for dogs

RUDE PHARMACIST! I would leave a negative star if I could. There was a mishap with my insurance. Totally out of my control. I had come back 3 times before to try to get my Prednisone pills with issues every time. I was given half of my prescription and was told to come back for the rest, that they were waiting for the main pharmacist to come in, and he would straighten it out. I waited over a week for them to get it straightened out. When I went to pick it up today, the pharmacist practically tossed my prescription at me and told me to “HERE, ENJOY YOUR FREE PRESCRIPTION” As if this was my fault? In front of 2 workers and 3 other customers. COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL! I will never be back.

5 stars. Like this Rockhill Pharmacy. ALL of the folks ( my friends ) at the pharmacy define the usual. Customer service, courtesy, but so far beyond the usual… think polite, knowledgeable, always ready to care and support you their customer. The staff… I love them all. As they from their busy nest down the stairs… always, always and always graciously ready. HUGS.

Albers Medical Pharmacy (Rating: 4.4) [4400 Broadway Blvd #106, Kansas City, MO 64111, United States | (816) 931-0100 |]

Albers Medical Pharmacy is such a cute little place for gifts, milkshakes, coffee, and more! The staff was very friendly. The store was very well taken care of, organized, and clean. Their prices are reasonable for a neighborhood pharmacy. It is a great location for our neighborhood and saves us a few mins and a bit of traffic going to Walgreens or CVS. So glad to see a new place thriving!

They’re ALL great! Best pharmacy, hands down. They know me by name and all my children and husband and always have our Prednisone tablets ready when we get there to pick them up. Best of all, if by chance they don’t have the medication in stock, they make sure to have it the next day by noon, and they don’t ever forget to have it for your refills. Perfect little hometown pharmacy!

Costco Pharmacy (Rating: 3.2) [241 Linwood Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64111, United States | (816) 216-0002 |]

Hands DOWN!! The best pharmacy in town not only do they beat prices on Rx but have such a friendly atmosphere. Augustin and Ester both run this building Phenomenal. I would recommend this pharmacy to anyone, especially if you do t have the patience to be waiting for your meds. If so, this is the place they text you when meds are ready and usually takes 15 mins to get your meds.

After coming back from Costco Pharmacy, we had to go to someone who would be able to give me a shot that I needed for school. When we got here and asked for the necessary shots, they told us to go to the pharmacy, so we did. When we got to the other pharmacy, they did let people get the shots, but we would have to wait 2 hours since the pharmacist was on her lunch break. Honestly, the communications between these 2 different pharmacies what horrible and very misleading. I am very disappointed at both of them for their lack of detail and not checking on the other pharmacies that either haven’t had their lunch break yet or have already. This really ruined my experience with both of these locations.

Leonard Shauna (Rating: 4.2) [4801 Linwood Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64128, United States | (816) 861-4700 |]

Leonard Shauna is a special kind of place that is hard to find these days. Pharmacists love what they do and care about their customers. And it shows. My whole family has been going to them since we moved to town over 16 yrs ago. They treat you like family and never make you feel like you are a bother when you ask questions about Prednisone prices. I can’t say enough good things about them.

I’ve been going to that pharmacy for years, and they are always messing something up. home delivery never happens. Most of the staff is horrible and/or incompetent. Phone waits are forever, and prescriptions don’t always get filled. Now they said that my doctor didn’t fill my son allergy med and told me to come the next day, come to find out they were sitting on it the whole time and my son was having a nasty allergic reaction. Today they told me that my son’s ADHD meds are out of stock after they took my prescription and can’t give it back. Now I have to make another dr. app to explain my issues with Alto to be able to get another prescription. I recommend anywhere else>: [